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Bonjour Bakery Cafe Special Orders and Gifts
6070 Falls Road . Baltimore . MD . 21209 410.372.0238

Coffee and Tea at Bonjour

Small batch roasting is the key to the full bodied, fresh tasting coffee at Bonjour. Recently we began buying our coffee beans from Orinoco, a small, fair trade coffee roaster in Maryland. Bonjour orders only what will sell within a 8-10 day period, grinds its beans fresh daily, and is known for a tasty and hearty cup of coffee.

On the coffee bar
we feature 4 coffees of the day; regular and decaf - flavored and unflavored. In addition, we use premium beans for our espresso shots and drinks.

If cold drinks are your preference
, we use a "cold toddy" process to extract coffee for iced drinks; this process takes 12 to 18 hours and creates a smooth, but full bodied base that stands up well to ice. At the Bonjour tea bar there are no less than 10 differenct teas available by the cup from tea purverys such as Harney & Sons, Choice Organic Teas, and Eastern Shore Tea Company.

All items are subject to availability


Bonjour Bakery Cafe Coffee & Tea